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Restaurant Hood Cleaning

At our Veteran owned company we take restaurant kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning seriously.

When you contact us you can be sure that we will do a complete and swift proposal for getting your commercial kitchen staying up to NFPA 96 standards.

The first order of business before we can begin cleaning you kitchen is to walk the property on any of your down times, so as not to impede on any of your business. From there we will diligently work to give you the most cost effective business quote while making sure to advise you of any immediate hazards that will need to be fixed.

Here is a list of what we will go over and in time we will add to this site with full explanations of the commercial kitchen items that we go over.

We have what is called a “Job Sheet”  and during the initial walk through and gathering the information we need to to make a accurate quote. First we will need to locate the switches for fan or lights, water hook up, the mop sink and the dumpster.

Next we will move onto the restaurant hood in question and some questions we will have to get answered would be, when would the hood last cleaned? What are the dimensions of the hood? Those are only a few of the kitchen hood cleaning questions and from there we would move onto the Fan part of the kitchen. The commercial kitchen fans are one of the most important components to having a well running kitchen.

What we do is we have a look at the kitchen fan hinges, welds and make sure there are no deficiencies when it comes to meeting the NFPA 96 requirements. Continuing with what we look at with the fans, Boyz In the Hood kitchen cleaners always make sure that the rooftop is in great working order and does not have excessive grease or damage on it.

We inspect for a grease trap and any exposed electrical as well as the fan belt. But you do not have to worry about any of this because when we are doing our initial inspection we will provide pictures for you to look at and will never add any costs to your bill without notifying you and having you sign off on the work.

We are upstanding citizens and will not try to nickle and dime you, but you can rest assured that we will notify you of any part of your commercial kitchen that will need attention in the future.

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